Hear Ye — Hear Ye — Hear Ye

This is to Levy Notice to All OSGOODS

Hello —

My name is Richard (Dick) Osgood.

Osgood Coat of Arms

The Osgood Coat of Arms

Benjamin Osgood, Esq., one of the captains of the Blue Regiments of trained bands in the city of London, bears: Argent, three garbs, in a double tressure, flory counter flory, Gules; on a helmet suitable to the degree of an esquire, mantled gules, doubled Argent, a torce Argent and gules, theron a Demi Lion rampant proper, supporting a garb rules.

(The above description of the Osgood Coats of Arms appears in the 1894 Osgood geneology.)

This WEB SITE is intended to serve Osgoods around the Country as a focal point for obtaining ancestral information on their Osgood family history. It will also provide a means for collecting information for a new Osgood Genealogy. This New Book will bring forward and edit the first Osgood Genealogy, which was published in 1894 and was compiled by Ira Osgood of Loudon, New Hampshire. For ease of reference this will be called the “First Book”.

Since 1990 I have been collecting information on Osgood families through "off line" correspondence so as to publish a second Osgood Genealogy. Having taken that approach as far as it will go, I am now trying to reach out to Osgoods through the Internet so as to complete the work on this Second Book.

As a fortunate by-product of collecting these family histories, I have been able to help many Osgoods who had missing branches in their family tree. My plan is to continue to offer such assistance to Osgoods whenever it is requested of me.